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Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage You know, I’ve been using Herbalife products everyday for over 3 years and I have just become accustomed to how I feel and it’s “normal” for me.

So a catastrophe happened this week. I placed my order for my personal products last week (BEFORE I was due to run out of  two of the items I use most – my shake and Thermo).

Long story short – there was a techincal hitch with the ordering system and as I hadn’t realised there was no order confirmation email, my order was lost to the ether without me chasing it up. So I finally realised and placed the order on Friday but it meant………… I RAN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

I snacked more over the weekend than I have since I was first breastfeeding and needed small meals all the time! I had noticeably less energy than normal and strangely I felt both uncomfortably bloated AND less full without my usual Breakfast Shake to start the day. I can’t tell you how relieved I was when the doorbell rang yesterday and the courier was standing there with my delivery (not bad – ordered Friday and it arrived Monday morning from Holland!).

So this morning I started the day with my favourite – a hot Thermo with a teaspoon of honey (local, of course) and I can totally feel the difference already! Look out housework – here I come!!!!!!!


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Following tremendous feedback from their international  Sports Nutrition seminars, Herbalife will be sponsoring the UK’s first Seminar taking  in March. There are 2 headline speakers, one a leading sports nutritionist and the other a well known coach in the field of cycling. Both speakers will be sharing tips on how to improve performance and the importance of nutrition in an athlete’s performance.

The Seminar is open to all and is aimed at anybody who is interested in knowing more about  the principles of Sports Nutrition, whether you are a distributor who wants to learn about the sports market, a personal Trainer, an amateur Triathlete or even a full time professional.

Date: Wednesday 10th March, 2010
Time: 5:30pm to 9:30pm Dress code: smart casual
Venue: The Renewal Conference Centre, Lode Lane, Solihull, Birmingham B91 2JR

Tickets are £15 per person. Guests can purchase tickets via any Herbalife distributor and Herbalife Distributors can order online at www.myherbalife.com/uk .

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New F2 Multivitamin

New Formula2

Why is the Formula 2 Multivitamin formulation changing?

The EU has recently issued a new list of approved sources for vitamins and minerals. The Herbalife Formula 2 Formulation has therefore been adapted and brought in line with the European formulas used in a number of European markets including the UK.

What has changed?

The Recommend Daily Allowances (RDAs) for vitamins and minerals in the EU has also changed. The new Formula 2 formulation has been updated to include these changes and you are still able to achieve 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral requirement when used in conjunction with Formula 1. The price of the new Formula 2 has been reduced (see www.sknutrition.co.uk for details) and in order to achieve the same benefits as the old Formula 2 you should also order the following product:

Fiber & Herb
Complete your Core Nutrition Range with Fibre and Herb


Fibre and Herb will be available to order the week commencing 18th January 2010.The Core Nutrition range will then consist of 3 products: Formula 1, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex and Fibre & Herb. This means that to get the same benefit as the old formulations, you  should include a “Fibre & Herb” into your order. For existing customers, I will check all your online orders prior to processing!


These core products are at the foundation of each of our programmes to contribute towards balanced nutrition: Core Nutrition. Just outside the core range of products sit the Targeted Nutrition product ranges which build on the foundation of balanced nutrition. Personalise your programme by selecting a range of products to suit your specific individual needs.

Our online store will shortly be updated to reflect these changes, in the meantime, any orders of (old) Formula 2 will be automatically replaced by both these products.

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