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Do you……

  • Frequently miss meals or eat irregularly?
  • Consume a lot of fat-saturated or sugary foods?
  • Drink alcohol regularly?
  • Smoke?
  • Travel long distances?
  • Fail to take regular exercise?
  • Have regular exposure to fumes, chemicals and toxins?
  • Lack quality sleep?
  • Suffer with stress at work or at home?
  • Catch colds frequently and struggle to shake them off?

Each of these factors allow free radicals to proliferate and weaken the immune system. A weakened immune system leaves the body vulnerable and is partly caused by poor nutrition. A healthy immune system is better equipped to deal with everyday challenges and as we age, having a healthy immune system is more important than ever. (more…)


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‘Tis the season to be jolly. And for many people, it’s also the season to over-eat… to drink too much and to gain excess weight! To help you stay on track this festive season, here are some top tips for partying without ruining your diet or putting on weight! (more…)

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Startling new research reported by the BBC today shows that there may well be a link between the quality of leadership at work and your health.

We’ve probably all been there – that sinking feeling that starts just before Sunday lunch and turns into full-blown dread by the time the alarm goes off on a Monday morning. I remember it all too well and know the very real physical effects that the stress of a terrible manager had on me – I was often ill, my weight ballooned and I suffered from IBS for several years. In the end I did the only thing I could do – I changed jobs and found something I enjoyed.

If YOU are feeling the effects of work-related stress, there are several things you can try: (more…)

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I found an interesting story on the Daily Mail website and BBC Health News today that I wanted to share, as many of my clients originally started taking the Herbalife products as part of a healthy lifestyle in preparation for pregnancy (we have several babies on the way in the next few months!!) For all current clients who are intending to get pregnant, and have some fertility issues, this may be of interest:

Just four cups of coffee a day could significantly reduce a woman’s chances of having a baby, research suggests. A study of hundreds of women revealed that those who drank four or more cups of coffee a day were 26 per cent less likely to have a baby. (more…)

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I am often asked whether it is necessary to stop drinking in order to take control of someone’s weight – especially if the person is trying to lose weight or has been struggling to maintain their ideal weight. And a surprising number of the people I speak to are consuming a glass or two (or more) of wine most evenings.

Whilst I am a firm believer in the “little bit of what you fancy does you good” mentality, it is important to think about the implications of this level of alcohol intake – here are a few points that you may not have considered. (more…)

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