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Do you……

  • Frequently miss meals or eat irregularly?
  • Consume a lot of fat-saturated or sugary foods?
  • Drink alcohol regularly?
  • Smoke?
  • Travel long distances?
  • Fail to take regular exercise?
  • Have regular exposure to fumes, chemicals and toxins?
  • Lack quality sleep?
  • Suffer with stress at work or at home?
  • Catch colds frequently and struggle to shake them off?

Each of these factors allow free radicals to proliferate and weaken the immune system. A weakened immune system leaves the body vulnerable and is partly caused by poor nutrition. A healthy immune system is better equipped to deal with everyday challenges and as we age, having a healthy immune system is more important than ever. (more…)


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Another interesting article from the BBC Health News webpages today: A vitamin found in meat, fish and milk may help stave off memory loss in old age, a study has suggested.

Older people with lower than average vitamin B12 levels were more than six times more likely to experience brain shrinkage, researchers concluded. The University of Oxford study, published in the journal Neurology, tested the 107 apparently healthy volunteers over a five-year period.

Some studies suggest two out of five people are deficient in the vitamin. (more…)

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One of the key benefits of H³O Pro™, a brand new Herbalife isotonic sports drink available from SK Nutrition, is Hydration.

The difference between H³O Pro™ in comparison to hypotonic or hypertonic sports drinks is the osmolality level which is the level at which a fluid is absorbed. H³O Pro™ gives the right osmolality level of 270 -330 Mosm/kg helping to replace loss of essential electrolytes (or salts) during strenuous exercise in your blood. Water alone has very low osmolality levels as it typically does not contain electrolytes. As little as 2% fluid can significantly harm any performance during strenuous exercise.

H³O Pro™ provides – Heat + Energy + Absorption & Antioxidant Protection + Taste = H.E.A.T

Dan Sanders, Herbalife customer, for the past six years uses Herbalife products regularly to manage his weight for sailing and recently learnt how H³O Pro™ powers his sport!

“For the whole crew sailing in the Ultra Competitive Farr 45 Class at ACC Bank Cork week this year, staying re-hydrated on the water is vital. With our supply of H3O PRO we could carry less water on the boat, rehydrate quicker, stay focused longer and in control for the long days on the racecourse. I would recommend this to anyone for Peak Performance, and the taste was great”

For the rest of August, SK Nutrition is offering free standard UK postage (usually £5) when you order two packs of H³O Pro™ at £21.45 per pack. As always, our products are all covered by a 30 day no-quibble guarantee. You can see more detailed information on H³O Pro™ here.


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Following on from my recent post of skin facts from the Herbalife’s Worldwide Outer Nutrition Trainer – Jacquie Carter, I’d like to share more information with you about the importance of looking after your skin, your body’s largest living organ.

All change …

Your skin will be subject to change throughout your life – as with your other major organs, there are a number of internal and external factors that will affect it’s health; (more…)

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