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Danyelle babyRegular readers will have seen Danyelle’s “before and after” pictures on my blog and website in the past. I’ve managed to catch up with her today I am delighted to share her updated testimonial.

I was so excited when I first heard of her pregnancy and have been waiting for Danyelle to introduce her BEAUTIFUL daughter to everyone!

Here is what she said today:

In July 2007 I weighed 15st 9 and my life was a mess.

I had been trying for a baby for 6 years with no success so decided to change my life around. I’d had 4 attempts at IVF before then and nothing had worked so I thought ‘enough’s enough’ booked a trip to Australia, bought a sports car and I started Herbalife with Sarah’s help… and I stuck to it. I was not hungry like many other diets I had been on and I liked the taste (of the products).

By November 2007 when I went to Australia I was 12st and feeling great and even started running and look part in a 10k race and finished it. On 8th January 2008 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive – YES I had fallen pregnant naturally.

Throughout the 6 years I’d hidden behind the fact that it was the weight that stopped me getting pregnant and just wallowed in self pity and ate more.

On 20th September 2008 my beautiful daughter Maegan was born weighing a healthy 7lb and 12.5.

I am back on Herbalife now and breastfeeding and hopefully a brother or sister for Maegan will follow….

I am absolutely delighted for Danyelle and her husband – it’s this kind of “after” picture that really makes being an Herbalife Distributor feel so special. The products really can help people make major lasting changes to their lives that affect their whole families so much.

If you missed the original photos of Danyelle, you can see her before and after snaps on the Results page of the blog.

If you need help with getting your weight on track and would like to embark on a more healthy and active lifestyle, please contact me (Sarah) for more information, or you can browse the product range online at



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ep-weddingWe have now been using Herbalife products for a year and are so happy that we came across them when we did!

On our wedding day, I had lost 100cm around my body and wore a size 14 wedding dress!!!! Something that seemed totally unachievable when I was waddling around as a size 20 / 22! Paul also lost loads, he was 14 cm smaller round the waist and felt great.

Our wedding day was amazing and what made it even more special was the number of compliments we received about how great we looked and how much weight we had lost – It certainly does amazing things for your confidence!!! We have had a couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year but are back to it again now as we are off on honeymoon to Thailand in 4 weeks so want to make sure we look our best for that! I can’t recommend Herbalife enough – We love it!

Thanks Sarah for all your help & support, we couldn’t have done it without you!


Emma – Jan ’08 & December ’08!!!

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My apologies for it taking longer than intended, but here’s a peek at our Bride & Groom, Emma C and Paul on their wedding day…


Emma & Paul's wedding in December

I need to catch up with them (when they get a minute!!) to get their updated testimonials but regular readers will remember that they started following Herbalife Weight Management Programmes at the beginning of the year in preparation for their December wedding and have both done REALLY well.

It’s taken a lot of hard work, regular exercise and sticking to their programmes (mostly!). Emma had lost 100 cms from around her body when I last spoke to her, and Paul’s body fat composition had shown a remarkable change – going from 44% in January to 29% by November, and even lower I believe in the final weeks.

I’ll post the updated details when I get them. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of how they looked before they started ….

Emma C & Paul - Before Herbalife

Emma C & Paul - Before Herbalife

If you are planning your wedding and would like some help with getting started on a healthy eating plan, please feel free to contact me for more information and how we can help, or you can browse the full range of products at our store…

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