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Exciting news this morning for all existing and potential Distributors who are also iPhone users – the USA version of the Herbalife App is now available for download from iTunes. I’ve just downloaded it and even with the limited functionality for me as a UK-based Distributor, it’s definitely worth having. Instant access to account updates – latest volume and income statements and also useful links and videos about Herbalife, the products, the Business Opportunity and all sorts of other useful info.

You can download the App from iTunes now – although you can only place orders within the USA.

For more information, to purchase Herbalife products or to find out more about the Herbalife business opportunity,  you can also visit my webstore:


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Startling new research reported by the BBC today shows that there may well be a link between the quality of leadership at work and your health.

We’ve probably all been there – that sinking feeling that starts just before Sunday lunch and turns into full-blown dread by the time the alarm goes off on a Monday morning. I remember it all too well and know the very real physical effects that the stress of a terrible manager had on me – I was often ill, my weight ballooned and I suffered from IBS for several years. In the end I did the only thing I could do – I changed jobs and found something I enjoyed.

If YOU are feeling the effects of work-related stress, there are several things you can try: (more…)

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Just a quick reminder that the following Success Training Seminar dates are now available for new or existing distributors:

  • 14 June – Feltham
  • 14/15 June – Birmingham
  • 15 June – Cardiff
  • 13 July – Maidenhead
  • 20 July – Manchester
  • 20 July – Dublin

For more information on the Herbalife Business please click here or contact us to order your International Business Pack and get started!

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If you are interested in the Herbalife Business Opportunity, or are ready to get started but don’t know how, the following training dates are for you. These one- and two-day seminars will help to build your product knowledge and equip you with all sorts of business building tips!

MAY SCHEDULE – UK & Ireland Success Training Seminars (STS) – for all new Distributors

11 May – Cardiff
11 May – Dublin
17 May – Feltham
17 & 18 May – Stansted
17 & 18 May – Birmingham
18 May – Manchester
18 May – Windsor/ Maidenhead

Cork – next event TBC

To find out how to book your place at any of these events, or to find out about international schedules, please email us or click on this link for further schedule information.

National & Worldwide Events – forward planner:
June 21st & 22nd – European Extravaganza, Barcelona
November 8th & 9th – North European World Team School, Bournemouth

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