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thiamin1Doses of vitamin B1 (Thiamin) can reverse early kidney disease in people with type 2 diabetes, research shows. The team from Warwick University tested the effect of vitamin B1, which is found in meat, yeast and grain, on 40 patients from Pakistan.

The treatment stopped the loss of a key protein in the urine, the journal Diabetologia reports. Charity Diabetes UK called the results “very promising” – but said it was too early for any firm conclusions.

You can see the full report via BBC NEWS | Health | Thiamine ‘reverses kidney damage’.

Because it is water soluble, Vitamin B1 is not stored in the body and must be supplied daily.

Good sources of Vitamin B1 include:

  • chickpeas
  • beans
  • lentils
  • brown rice
  • lean pork
  • peas

Whilst it’s too soon to say that supplementation should be used in an attempt to reduce kidney complications at this stage, existing SK Nutrition clients may like to note that Thiamin (B1) is present in the Core Nutrition products, Herbalife Formula 1 & Formula 2 that form the basis of our Weight Management, Healthy Breakfast and Energy & Fitness programmes.

A list of the vitamins and minerals in Formula 2, and what they do in your body can be found by clicking on the FAQs tab at the top of this page.

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milAfter recently reading that stress from bad leadership at work can harm your health, it may come as little surprise to some that scientists have now discovered that living with your husband’s mother can damage your health too!!!

Here is an extract from the article I came across today:


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Some shocking statistics in The Times today about the continued rise in diabetes, which I thought worth sharing:

The number of people who will die as a result of diabetes is forecast to rise from one in ten to one in seven in less than 20 years unless obesity rates can be reduced significantly.

Costs to the National Health Service of treating the disease are expected to rise by a third by 2025 as the number of people suffering from diabetes reaches a record level. Patients needing treatment for conditions linked to diabetes already cost the NHS £9 billion annually, and the figure is forecast to rise to £12 billion, before inflation, by 2025.


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Having discovered my all-time favourite website – www.ted.com – this weekend, I thought I’d share one of the many fascinating talks from it.

In a sobering 3-minute talk, Dr. Dean Ornish tracks the dramatic spread of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease around the globe — as people outside the US start to eat, live and die like Americans do. “This may be the first generation in which our kids live a shorter lifespan than we do,” Ornish says. The good news? These trends are preventable and even reversible through diet and exercise.

Click here to watch the short video.

Dean Ornish is a clinical professor at UCSF and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute. He’s a leading expert on fighting illness – particularly heart disease with dietary and lifestyle changes. There are a number of other talks from Dr Ornish on TED.com.

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