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There are few things more delicious than a fresh crispy apple and farmers markets and shops are full of fantastic British apples at the moment. We have all heard that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but you may not realise that there is a good reason for this phrase – apples really are full of goodness!

Here are some apple facts that are sure to get you munching: (more…)


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We all know we should eat fuits and vegetables (and for some of us, just those words will bring back childhood lectures from our parents!!) but many people are still deficient in their fruit and vegetable intake, and not eating close to the recommended 5 to 7 portions per day.

Fruit and veg are an essential part of our diet, providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals that serve an array of important functions in the human body. There are a whole load of reasons to eat a variety of colourful fresh items form your local grocer, farm shop or your supermarket. (more…)

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It seems that whilst most of the people I speak to KNOW they should be eating “at least 5 portions” of fresh fruit and veg a day – they are even aware of the health benefits and yet they are still not doing it. When I ask them why, they usually say that they either (a) they consider they don’t have time (b) they are just not thinking about it!

With so much delicious fresh fruit, salad and veg in the markets at the moment, I thought I’d highlight a few simple steps you can take to consciously increase your intake. With only a few minor adjustments – and being more aware of what you eat – you could be eating your 5 a day in no time. (more…)

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