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Arginine Helps Older Cyclists Improve Performance

Avid cyclists over the age of 50 had an improvement in their performance after taking arginine supplements for three weeks, according to a study just published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

“As people age, their exercise capacity may decline – leading in turn to a decline in overall fitness that can impact health,” noted Luigi Gratton, MD, vice president of medical affairs at Herbalife.

A group of 16 male cyclists, aged 50 to 73 years, were randomly assigned to receive either the supplement (Niteworks; Herbalife International, Los Angeles, CA) containing 5.2 grams of L-arginine, or a look-alike placebo and instructed to continue with their usual cycling regimen over the three week study period. After three weeks, those taking the supplement had an increase in their anaerobic threshold – the point at which lactate begins to accumulate in the blood, leading to fatigue.

“Arginine is involved in the production of nitric oxide in the body,” notes Gratton, “and nitric oxide has been associated with the improvement of exercise performance through its beneficial effects on the vascular system.” As people age, production of nitric oxide declines, so the researchers believed that arginine supplementation could support the production of nitric oxide and enhance performance.

The anaerobic threshold of the study subjects was assessed both before and after the three week study period. In those receiving the supplement, their anaerobic threshold increased by 16.7% after one week, and held steady during the three weeks, whereas those in the placebo group experienced no change. “This indicates a potential role for arginine in improving exercise performance in older subjects,” said Gratton, “and improved performance could mean better fitness and healthier lives.”

Niteworks is available to ship now from our online store, where you will also find further articles & product information:

NOTE: The study, conducted at UCLA and funded by Herbalife, used Herbalife’s original formula Niteworks. The current product has a slightly different formula, although no changes were made to the active ingredients.

Niteworks was created based on research conducted by Lou Ignarro, Ph.D., who received the Nobel Prize in 1998 for his work on nitric oxide. Ignarro is a member of the company’s Scientific and Nutrition Advisory Boards.

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Following tremendous feedback from their international  Sports Nutrition seminars, Herbalife will be sponsoring the UK’s first Seminar taking  in March. There are 2 headline speakers, one a leading sports nutritionist and the other a well known coach in the field of cycling. Both speakers will be sharing tips on how to improve performance and the importance of nutrition in an athlete’s performance.

The Seminar is open to all and is aimed at anybody who is interested in knowing more about  the principles of Sports Nutrition, whether you are a distributor who wants to learn about the sports market, a personal Trainer, an amateur Triathlete or even a full time professional.

Date: Wednesday 10th March, 2010
Time: 5:30pm to 9:30pm Dress code: smart casual
Venue: The Renewal Conference Centre, Lode Lane, Solihull, Birmingham B91 2JR

Tickets are £15 per person. Guests can purchase tickets via any Herbalife distributor and Herbalife Distributors can order online at www.myherbalife.com/uk .

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Based on the following “Five-Factor Formula”, Network Marketing expert Michael S. Clouse of the the Nexera website has concluded Herbalife is the top Network Marketing company:

  • The company must be a self-described Network Marketing, Multi Level, or MLM company.
  • The company must be in business for at least 10 years as of January 1, 2009.
  • The company must have a Google Page Rank – GPR. A scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best.
  • The company must have an Alexa Rank – AR. Here the smaller the number the better.
  • The company must show up in Google Trends – GT. All Regions. Last 12 months.

The full article can be found here.  Read article

If you’d like more information on how you can build your own business with the Herbalife products and business opportunity, visit our website.

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If you are a Facebook user, you may want to follow this link to the Herbalife HQ video page.

Today, Dr Luigi shares a few tips for keeping up with Healthy Eating Resolutions.


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While piling on the layers is one way to keep the winter chill away, certain foods can help warm us from the inside. Warm soups and hot beverages are a natural, but some foods actually stimulate heat production more than others.

As temperatures drop, appetites perk up. The cold, dark days of winter often bring on cravings for hearty comfort foods, warm beverages, and spicier dishes that held less appeal during the warm summer months. Our biology drives us to consume more calories in case food should become scarce, and to add a little extra padding to help us stay warm. But unlike our ancient ancestors, we live in heated homes and food is readily available – so we don’t need to pack away those extra calories.

“Whenever we eat and digest a meal, the body temperature rises – in a process called diet-induced thermogenesis, or DIT for short,” said Dr. Luigi Gratton, vice president of medical affairs at Herbalife. “But some foods stimulate heat production more than others. High protein foods, for example, increase DIT more than starchy or fatty foods, so they are more ‘warming,'” adds Gratton.

Pungent ingredients – like spicy ginger, chili, pepper and garlic – can aid circulation and generate warmth.

We’re more inclined to drink fluids when the weather is hot but we need plenty of fluids in the winter to warm and humidify cold, dry winter air.

So, let your warm winter coat warm you up from the outside, and try these tips to generate some heat from the inside out:

* Protein-rich dishes fuel the furnace to keep us warm. But choose low-fat proteins – fish, poultry and lean meats, or protein powder in soups or oatmeal – to avoid excess fat and calories.
* Turn to warm teas and soups to help hydrate you and keep air passages moisturized.
* Add an extra dash of spices and seasonings to your winter dishes.
* If you catch a cold or the flu, don’t forget the chicken soup. Studies show that it works better than other hot liquids to speed up the flow of mucus. It’s thought that the traditional aromatic seasonings in the soup – such as onion and pepper – travel in the vapors and help to open up clogged nasal passages.

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A clinical study undertaken at the University of Ulm, Germany, studied the impact of different protein diets on weight loss. The study, which lasted for a total of 12 months, consisted of male and female subjects and was split into two groups of 50 subjects each, with both groups consuming a high protein diet.

The first group was instructed to follow a diet that supplied about twice the protein obtained from a typical diet. The subjects replaced two meals a day with Herbalife’s European Formula 1 shakes mixed with semi-skimmed milk (0.5 to 2.0% fat) and ate one regular high-protein meal each day. A high protein meal provides 2.2g of protein/Kg of lean body mass. The second group was instructed to follow a standard protein diet using regular grocery store foods.

Both groups followed their respective programs for three months. During the three-month period, the group consuming Herbalife® Formula 1 shakes, made with semi-skimmed milk and extra protein from Herbalife F3 PPP, lost on average 72% more weight than the group instructed to consume a standard protein diet from conventional foods they selected. For the next nine months, both groups were instructed to follow the same high-protein maintenance program, using one Herbalife® shake per day to replace a single meal.

They followed this regimen for nine months. At the end of the 12 month study period, those who used Herbalife® Formula 1 Shakes for the full 12 months lost more than 200% more body fat than those who tried the standard protein diet using conventional foods for the initial three-month period.


Using the Herbalife® Formula 1 product as directed, as part of a high-protein, calorie-controlled diet is proven to yield significant increases in weight loss over a conventional food-based standard protein programme.

Further findings based Upon This Clinical Study: The use of Herbalife® Formula 1 and Formula 3 (PPP) can support a weight-loss program, and the continued use of Herbalife® Formula 1 after initial weight loss can help to maintain results.

Herbalife is also excited about the broader implications of this study. Using the Herbalife F1 Shakes as part of a balanced and varied diet helps maintain good overall health by delivering nutrients to the body and helps maintain a healthy weight.

You can find out more about the Herbalife products and order online at our store:


These results are not necessarily typical. Individual results will vary. The Herbalife® Weight- Management programme can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet.
Study presented at the European Congress on Obesity in May of 2008.
Study published in the International Journal of Obesity

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new aviSo my beautiful daughter is 12 weeks old already (gulp) and I’ve decided it’s about  time I started getting back to my pre-pregnancy levels of fitness – and of course weight!

Until her current growth spurt is over (I’m breastfeeding) I will stay on core nutrition including just one shake a day – for good health – and my plan is to gradually start re-introducing more of the weight management products and cutting back on the “normal” food I’m eating, so that it doesn’t affect my milk.

I’m really looking forward to exercising at the gym and studio again, but know it’ll be a few more months before I can use the creche – also I am not ready to leave my baby girl yet, even if it is just for an hour! So here is what I’ve already started doing:

  • I babywear for several hours a day which is great for both of us and also means I can still get out and about with my pre-schooler. Yesterday we were chasing each other around the trees in the woods while the baby was fast asleep in the wrap – fabulous! You can read my previous post on babywearing benefits here.
  • I’ve downloaded a load of Yogamazing podcasts onto my laptop and iPhone (you can subscribe at iTunes too), so I can do a quick workout whenever I get the chance – which means the rare occasions both kids sleep at the same time! I also have a child’s yoga mat so my son can “join in” if he wants to (!)
  • As well as my beloved and much-used Fitflops, I’ve got a pair of the new Sketchers Shape-ups . I am already a fan of MBTs but have to say I prefer these (surprising for me as the Sketchers are much cheaper, and I normally have expensive taste!!!) – as they are not so obviously ‘unbalanced’ making it easier to walk with them from day one, and in my opinion, not taking very much getting used to (although I confess to not having watched the DVD that comes with them). I also think they look more like trainers than MBTs – my husband usually makes disparaging remarks when I wear the MBTs, but thinks these look nice. I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks now and they are absolutely great – I would highly recommend them if you’re looking to get into shape and want to make the most of your regular activities. I can actually feel the muscles in my legs have had a work-out when I’ve worn them! And I suppose I can’t say all that without a picture now, can I?  These are the same as mine:shapeupsNice eh? (I  got them from www.fitnessfootwear.com who in my experience are very quick to deliver and always give excellent service as well as good pricing.)

I think when you’re a new mum, especially when breastfeeding and you have more of an appetite and less time to prepare healthy food, it even more important to watch what you’re eating, and I must admit that I haven’t always followed my own advice in the last three months!

I’ll try to post regular updates over the nex few months, although I can’t post as regularly as I did before I entered the realms of two children – which is a whole new ball-game!

Best of health,


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