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Just a quick update…. in case I don’t make it through the night! 🙂

I’m officially “full term” at 37 weeks tomorrow – although I think I am already over 38 weeks based on my dates. I am delighted to say that this pregnancy has (so far) been AMAZING compared to last time.  I am pretty sure that is in large part due to my improved health and fitness levels, normal pre-pregnancy BMI and ongoing use of Herbalife nutrition products everyday which have prevented any cravings or excessive weight gain. Despite having a large bump now, I am still feeling really well and have energy – I’ve been out walking and playing with my son everyday that the weather has been fine this week!!!! (At this point in my last pregnancy I’d been in and out of hospital, was very unwell and was about to have an attempted induction.)

Apart from a slight blip following on from a very unexpected family bereavement in February, my blood pressure has been great and my liver function is still totally normal – no sign of either pre-eclampsia or Obstetric Cholestastis returning…. so only a short time to go now and I am really delighted!

I’m feeling like I don’t have too much longer to go (maybe just wishful thinking??) so if the posts dry up over the next few days – you know why!!!!!


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This article has been removed due to restrictions on what can be said about product use in pregnancy.

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I’m 18 weeks pregnant today and feeling great so I thought it time to share my pregnancy story to date…

It took us a matter of years to conceive my son so despite using Herbalife nutrition for ages and being a healthy weight AND much fitter (exercising 3 or 4 times a week), we were astounded to find that I was pregnant after literally the first attempt this time. (more…)

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