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The sun is shining, the daffodils are in full bloom ( I must confess to feeling some affinity – being Welsh and in “full-bloom” myself!) and after months of dark cold short days I am definitely feeling the desire to be more active. This is the perfect time to start getting into shape for summer and if I have no excuse, neither do you!

Being almost 9 months pregnant and having certain related mobility issues (huge bump, shortness of breath etc!!) rather than mourning the temporary loss of my beloved Body Balance classes and gym sessions, I was looking for a way to maximinse what I CAN do – which is mainly walking these days….. and I think I’ve found a good option……

Some of you may remember that I “discovered” fitness shoes last summer and have been extolling their virtures¬† for some time (but find MBTs too unbalanced with a huge bump), so last week I got a new pair of FitFlop and started wearing them around when doing my every day jobs (feeding ducks, doing the shopping, ironing – all that other “mummy stuff”) and I have to say, I am delighted with them – they are even sparkley!


As someone who suffers from Symphasis Pubis Disorder/ Pelvic Gurdle Pain in pregnancy, I have to be careful with my choice of footwear at the moment and have to say, these are absolutely fantastic. They are SO comfortable I am actually wearing them around the house as well as out – in fact they’ve become my standard footwear during waking hours.

Not only am I more comfortable in my ‘normal’ activities, but I am more inclined to walk and stand for longer than I might otherwise as my back isn’t aching (not sure if this is due to a better posture or if it’s due to the cushioned sole). The fact that these shoes help to tone your legs and bottom (with their wobble-board type sole) is a bonus rather than my main reason for wearing them now, and I’ve a feeling they’ll continue to be a favourite for summer. I may well be off to Fitness Footwear to get a few more pairs in other colours and styles!

If you’re also looking for some exercise that you can do without going to the gym, or doing anything too strenuous for reasons such as pregnancy or injury, you may want to consider:

  • walking (esp. with FitFlop)
  • gardening
  • house-work (not personally a fan of this one!)
  • swimming
  • tai-chi
  • yoga
  • pilates

For lots more detailed information on incorporating any exercise into a healthy lifestyle that includes our Herbalife nutrition product ranges, you can also download the Herbalife Fitness Manual, and visit our Sports Energy & Nutrition pages.

Best of health, Sarah



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At 24 weeks

My "football" at 24 weeks!

It’s been a while since I updated my own story so I thought it was time for a quick progress report and picture (sorry it’s such a bad one with loads of glare but it’s all I have) as there are now quite a few pregnant readers of this blog who have been in touch.

I am delighted to say that this week saw my pregnancy pass the 24 week point which feels like an important milestone as the baby would now have a chance of survival if it arrived early! (I am still saying “it” because the little wriggler had it’s legs up at the anomaly scan so it wasn’t possible to determine the sex.) (more…)

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This article has been removed due to restrictions on what can be said about product use in pregnancy.

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I’m 18 weeks pregnant today and feeling great so I thought it time to share my pregnancy story to date…

It took us a matter of years to conceive my son so despite using Herbalife nutrition for ages and being a healthy weight AND much fitter (exercising 3 or 4 times a week), we were astounded to find that I was pregnant after literally the first attempt this time. (more…)

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