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A clinical study undertaken at the University of Ulm, Germany, studied the impact of different protein diets on weight loss. The study, which lasted for a total of 12 months, consisted of male and female subjects and was split into two groups of 50 subjects each, with both groups consuming a high protein diet.

The first group was instructed to follow a diet that supplied about twice the protein obtained from a typical diet. The subjects replaced two meals a day with Herbalife’s European Formula 1 shakes mixed with semi-skimmed milk (0.5 to 2.0% fat) and ate one regular high-protein meal each day. A high protein meal provides 2.2g of protein/Kg of lean body mass. The second group was instructed to follow a standard protein diet using regular grocery store foods.

Both groups followed their respective programs for three months. During the three-month period, the group consuming Herbalife® Formula 1 shakes, made with semi-skimmed milk and extra protein from Herbalife F3 PPP, lost on average 72% more weight than the group instructed to consume a standard protein diet from conventional foods they selected. For the next nine months, both groups were instructed to follow the same high-protein maintenance program, using one Herbalife® shake per day to replace a single meal.

They followed this regimen for nine months. At the end of the 12 month study period, those who used Herbalife® Formula 1 Shakes for the full 12 months lost more than 200% more body fat than those who tried the standard protein diet using conventional foods for the initial three-month period.


Using the Herbalife® Formula 1 product as directed, as part of a high-protein, calorie-controlled diet is proven to yield significant increases in weight loss over a conventional food-based standard protein programme.

Further findings based Upon This Clinical Study: The use of Herbalife® Formula 1 and Formula 3 (PPP) can support a weight-loss program, and the continued use of Herbalife® Formula 1 after initial weight loss can help to maintain results.

Herbalife is also excited about the broader implications of this study. Using the Herbalife F1 Shakes as part of a balanced and varied diet helps maintain good overall health by delivering nutrients to the body and helps maintain a healthy weight.

You can find out more about the Herbalife products and order online at our store:


These results are not necessarily typical. Individual results will vary. The Herbalife® Weight- Management programme can help slimming or weight control only as part of a calorie controlled diet.
Study presented at the European Congress on Obesity in May of 2008.
Study published in the International Journal of Obesity

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Average 50-something fitter than 25-year-old, study claims You may have seen the results of the latest Herbalife research in the press over the last few days. According to the study of 4,000 British adults, 50-somethings eat less calories, exercise more and eat less junk than people half their age.

Here is the coverage from the Daily Telegraph:

Researchers found the average 25-year-old consumes over 2,300 calories a day, exercises only three times a week and munches on 12 types of junk food a month. But the typical 50-year-old has only 1,990 calories each day, does at least four forms of exercise and treats themselves to just one piece of junk food each week. And while those in their mid-20s have three takeaways a month, the older generation have only one.

The study, commissioned by global nutrition and direct selling company Herbalife, quizzed 4,000 Brits on their diet and lifestyle. Neil Spiers, Herbalife’s Regional Vice President, said: “The results of the study will be surprising to most as it’s natural to think that the younger you are, the fitter you are. It seems many young people are making the mistake of underestimating the benefit of a more balanced, holistic approach to diet and lifestyle. It’s great to think that the older generation are showing the youngsters the way when it comes to healthier living.”

The nationwide research of 16-80 year olds quizzed them on their health and exercise habits. It found the over-50s are more likely to walk as much as they can during the day – to the shops or with the dog – while those in their 20s tend to drive everywhere. But when it comes to excuses for not exercising, over a third (36 per cent) of 25 year olds blame not having enough time, compared to 22 per cent of over-50s. The research found 70 per cent of Brits see themselves as healthy – exercising for 27 minutes a day, at least three times a week, opting to go for a walk, run, cycle or gym. A quarter of Brits polled cycle to see friends or go to the shops, and 70 per cent take the stairs instead of the lift. Nearly four in 10 walk to the train station or to work in a bid to keep fit.

The study also found the average Brit believes they are overweight by nine pounds. Over a quarter of the population are currently on a diet – with the ‘low fat’ (30 per cent), ‘low carb’ (14 per cent) and ‘detox’ (eight per cent) diets being the most popular. And they would wish to lose 13 pounds for them to be their ideal weight.

The study also highlighted the lengths people will go to in order to hide their flab. Nearly a quarter have fibbed about the amount they eat, one in five has lied about their weight and 12 per cent have cut labels out of clothing which revealed their real size. A cheeky 16 per cent have turned to slimming aids without telling anyone and seven per cent have uploaded misleading pictures on Facebook.

And 30 per cent have ‘binge dieted’ to fit into a dress or to look good in a bikini in time for a holiday.

Very interesting reading, and not wholly suprising, judging from the conversations I’ve had with some of my clients.

If you’d like information on losing weight in a healthy and safe way by incorporating the Herbalife products into a healthy lifestyle, visit our online store. (You can also read testimonials from some of our clients on out results page.)


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There’s a great article in Men’s Fitness this month, about Iain Grant’s tremendous fat loss success using Herbalife nutrition products and his tips for weight loss. Click here to see a preview of the article!

You can order the entire range of Herbalife products from our online store, for courier delivery within 3-5 working days. Delivery is FREE for all orders of £75 or more.


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Hello!! Firstly, I must apologise for my tardiness – it has been AGES since my last post. so I’ll get straight to it.


My daughter, Amelia, was born at the end of April after a really great pregnancy! In total contrast to last time, my “Herbalife” baby was born naturally weighing a healthy 7 lbs 14 oz. I am so pleased that I not only managed to go to full term this time, but things were healthy enough for me to be left to have a spontaneous labour at 41 weeks and a VBAC delivery. I can’t tell you what a relief this was after my first pregnancy which was plagued with ill health and ended in a failed early induction and emergency c section (see previous posts for further details).

The last 3 weeks have been a bit of a blur as we’ve been settling into our new routine as a family of four! It’s true that having 2 is much more hard work than having 1 +1 but it’s all good, and I’m loving being mum to a little baby again, now that my 2 year old is fiercely independent and wiping my kisses off!

Amelia is an exclusively breastfed baby so continuing to benefit from the Herbalife products even outside the womb – she’s gaining weight VERY well and is perfectly proportioned… and gorgeous (well, we think so!)

I haven’t been on a weighing scales since before I was pregnant and am not worrying about weight loss for a few more weeks – once I’ve had my 8 week check-up I’ll start exercising again and revert to two shakes a day (at the moment I am still having one shake a day at breakfast time for good health and supplementation) although I’ll be eating more calories than when I was previously losing weight and having additional protein to maintain a healthy milk supply. Watch this space for my post-pregnancy weight loss progress – starting some time in July.

Even though I am enjoying my “babymoon” at the moment, you can still order from my online store!


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Danyelle babyRegular readers will have seen Danyelle’s “before and after” pictures on my blog and website in the past. I’ve managed to catch up with her today I am delighted to share her updated testimonial.

I was so excited when I first heard of her pregnancy and have been waiting for Danyelle to introduce her BEAUTIFUL daughter to everyone!

Here is what she said today:

In July 2007 I weighed 15st 9 and my life was a mess.

I had been trying for a baby for 6 years with no success so decided to change my life around. I’d had 4 attempts at IVF before then and nothing had worked so I thought ‘enough’s enough’ booked a trip to Australia, bought a sports car and I started Herbalife with Sarah’s help… and I stuck to it. I was not hungry like many other diets I had been on and I liked the taste (of the products).

By November 2007 when I went to Australia I was 12st and feeling great and even started running and look part in a 10k race and finished it. On 8th January 2008 I took a pregnancy test and it was positive – YES I had fallen pregnant naturally.

Throughout the 6 years I’d hidden behind the fact that it was the weight that stopped me getting pregnant and just wallowed in self pity and ate more.

On 20th September 2008 my beautiful daughter Maegan was born weighing a healthy 7lb and 12.5.

I am back on Herbalife now and breastfeeding and hopefully a brother or sister for Maegan will follow….

I am absolutely delighted for Danyelle and her husband – it’s this kind of “after” picture that really makes being an Herbalife Distributor feel so special. The products really can help people make major lasting changes to their lives that affect their whole families so much.

If you missed the original photos of Danyelle, you can see her before and after snaps on the Results page of the blog.

If you need help with getting your weight on track and would like to embark on a more healthy and active lifestyle, please contact me (Sarah) for more information, or you can browse the product range online at


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There’s an interesting article in the Times today by a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist who talks about the need to think like a thin person for your new healthy diet to be successful.

If you’re following our Herbalife Weight Management programme, or will be starting it on Monday, you’ll already have great nutritional support to help you achieve your goals, and a clear eating plan incorporating adequate snacks and protein levels to keep your body functioning at its optimum (and ideally including regular exercise) but having the right mind-set will certainly help you get and stay on track! Here’s an extract…

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I know I shouldn’t eat this, but I don’t care?” Or maybe, “I’ve had such a bad day, I deserve to eat this”. Or, “I’ve eaten something I shouldn’t. I may as well blow my diet for the rest of the day”. Having worked as a cognitive therapist with dieters for the past 20 years, I know that these are some of the most common “sabotaging thoughts” that get in the way of successful weight loss. For many people the reason diets don’t succeed is that they don’t know how to diet, or to lose weight permanently. The good news is that by applying the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to any healthy, well-balanced diet of your choosing, you can learn how to continually follow a diet, avoid cheating, resist tempting food and cope with hunger, cravings, stress and negative emotions. You’ll do all this by changing the way you think.

You can read the full article here: Nine ways to think yourself thin – Times Online.

For more information on the Weight Management, Nutrition and Energy & Fitness programmes we offer – all complete with a personal coach/ mentoring and weekly follow-up – visit our site

sknutrition101you can also see some of our testimonials on the Results tab of this page!

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weight_lossSome people decide to take a break from their weight loss / healthy eating programmes for the Christmas festivities. Others still take their products but ALSO eat and drink to excess …. and then wonder why they have put on weight! Whatever you did, the key is to “get back on the horse” straight away otherwise your old habits can get a chance to re-establish themselves and then it’s more difficult to get started again in the new year.

If you’re following one of our Herbalife programmes it’s really easy to get back on track – simply go back to basics and follow the directions of your Coach PROPERLY! You will lose weight again  in no time – unless you (a) cheat, (b) take medication that causes weight-gain, (c) get pregnant and have to stop your weight loss! Assuming the last two are not an issue, you just  need to not cheat!!!!

Here are questions to ask yourself  when getting back on track.

  • Are you having your 2 shakes every day?
  • Are you having ALL your vitamins, minerals & herbs 3 times a day (or as directed)?
  • Are you sipping Thermo Green Tea Boost throughout the day?
  • Are you drinking enough water (2 litres per day)?
  • Are you avoiding alcohol??????????
  • Are you snacking too much?
  • Are you eating one healthy balanced main meal (including a range of colourful fruits & veg)?

Generally, the answers to these questions will tell you exactly why your weight loss isn’t on track. Speak to your Personal Herbalife Coach and agree a new “Day 1” and new realistic goals then get going!

Remember to measure and weigh/ take a body composition reading on your first day back on the programme and report back to your Coach – if you are exercising, remember that you may find the weight isn’t as noticeable as the cms so body composition and measurements are more effective than weighing alone!!!

If you haven’t yet started a programme but would like to, please feel free to contact us for a personal consultation or browse our store to order online today!


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